Seldovia is fantastic!

    By Henry

    Seldovia is fantastic. Rent and WiFi here in the harbor is paid up for 3 months. Designing a new software keyboard and learning how to program phones and tablets. The experience of writing a voice recognition app for Linux is going to come in handy to voice-enable the keyboard. It would be better if we could make it shrinkable and movable.

    Just got power hooked up today. Tried using the generator for a month, but it costs about the same, plus wear and tear on equipment. Now that steady power is available, I replaced one of the fuses is the inverter. Soldering iron still isn't putting out enough heat. Need to order a soldering tip for this blowtorch I guess. Also tried to fix the old battery charger and apparently the primary is shorted. It let out a thunderous arc when plugged in. Zap!

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