Interesting Facts About London

London is the most popular holiday destination in the world. The reasons for London being a popular tourist destination for decades are many. The question is what make is it that makes it so popular? Well the reason might be its three hundred km long Thames River, its awesome natural beauty, etc. The answer might be anything. The experts believe that variety of things that one can do in London, makes it so popular. The rich history of London cannot be denied as a fact behind its popularity.The city of London is an old city with an interesting history. The few interesting facts about London that is not known are. There is the maximum number of foreign languages spoken in London as compared to any other city in the world. The reason might be that it has a lot of Asians, Indians and people from various parts of the coming to settle and work there. There are roughly two seventy languages that are spoken in London. London might have been the eighth biggest country in Europe. It is by and large the ninth largest city in the world.