Cheap Enlightenment Festival

Whichever of these amazing experiences you choose to participate in, you will have an opportunity to grow, in terms of skill level, energetic shifts, and sacred wisdom and knowledge. Do one intensive or sample some of all, the choice is up to you. Fest womyn who have been attending for years may desire to create workshops on their own and are free to do so. Whatever it is you desire to do while you are on the Land for this festival is completely up to you. Part of this week is about healing the rifts between and among communities and choosing to celebrate our differences in a safe community setting. Mystical Womyn Magic Fest recognizes that on some level, people are crying out for healing and acceptance. Our passion for womyn's festivals is the driving factor in the creation of this week of offerings. The organizer has selected womyn who hold sacred knowledge in African, Native American, and Goddess-centered spiritual practices and have a clear understanding of gender roles, biological sex, two-spirited-ness, and the ever-evolving nature of society. We encourage the bringing forth of knowledge which brings us closer to our goal of creating a matriarchal society.