Cheap, 12-Volt LEDs are as good as incandescent with a few caveats

    By Henry

    The super-bright, 12-volt SMD COB LED panels arrived today. It was a simple matter to fix an old bulb and replace with the LED array. The LEDs come with sticky pads on the back and several interesting connectors. LED lighting typically sells for $30 when enclosed in a case, so keep those old shop lights or fancy bulbs and put LED boards in them. Was thinking of making bike headlights. They really are super bright.

    For best results, remove the phony, double-stick pads they come with, and install with a heatsink. LEDs are more sensitive to overvoltage than incandescent bulbs. Charging systems like car alternators, wind, or solar may exceed 15 volts at times. We recommend putting a voltage regulator in series with the RV lighting circuit or do not light them while charging batteries. Overvoltage may seriously degrade their life.

    LED Damage from overvoltage