Construction Expediting Firm New Jersey

In every construction project, permits hold absolute power. If a permit is not issued in the time allowed the project will grind to a halt. There are many kinds of permits required for any construction project which can frustrate the Project Manager. The evolution of the permit process has become an increasingly complex labyrinth of ever changing government regulations to navigate. We are well versed with the process that each government agency is guided by and our experience working in the government setting helps us understand each jurisdiction's requirements. If you're a Project Manager, you can benefit from the services of a construction consultant such as Permit Solutions Inc., a firm you can trust and depend on. Permit Solutions Inc. has approximately 27 years worth of experience in the construction permit coordination field. We are an innovative company who has developed numerous strategies for expediting the construction permit process. We are aware of the frustrating process and requirements in obtaining all permits. This grueling process takes precious time away from the industry professionals thus leading to more expenses and even wasted manpower. Permit Solutions Inc. has worked in the fields of code enforcement, housing inspection, hotel & multiple dwelling inspection, building inspections, technical work, and disaster inspection work.