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Audio Analysis of Clinton.fails.us Noise Attack

Spectral analysis of videos posted by @StanBushTV filming the Clinton.Fails.us campaign using white noise generators to block people from hearing fundraising speech. This analysis shows that it's a real outdoor recording, and not just noise edited and mixed over the audio track in post-production, as some have suggested.

This plot goes from 20 Hz at the bottom to 20 KHz at the top of the graph. Notice how the generated white noise fills the entire plot evenly whereas the video recording cuts off around 10 KHz. The noise in the video track also contains the characteristic banding of ambient distortion that is difficult to duplicate electronically, suggesting a real recording.

How to verify: Extract the audio from the video below. View the spectrum with ffplay. Generate some white noise with Audacity and compare the two.

Video posted here: http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/07/clinton-campaign-uses-noise-machine-to-block-reporters-from-hearing-fundraiser-speech/