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Expedia Reviews Data

Breaking: Expedia Fail - A Statistical Analysis

‚ÄčExpedia has been experiencing an extraordinary flood of bad reviews on independent rating site, Consumer Affairs. We scraped 3 random samples of 100 negative (1-2 star) reviews each from the Consumer Affairs Expedia travel reviews section. We also gathered 21 positive reviews (3-5 stars) for comparison. There were only 21 positive reviews out of 1864 total reviews in the sample pool.

  • High word correlation between samples suggested a correlation, H1 between word frequency of common industry words, and star ratings.
  • There was a strong correlation of the top 15 words, and every sample, independent of whether customers rated Expedia's service as bad (1-2 stars), or good (3-5 stars).
  • There was no significant correlation between the occurrence of the top 15 words in the samples and the star rating of reviews.
  • There was some variance between individual words. Together, the words, “hotel”, “time”, “trip”, and “hours” appeared a mean 15% more in positive reviews.
  • The word, “ticket” was mentioned 38% less in positive reviews.

This data suggests that Expedia is largely failing at customer service and booking, but they have managed to resolve a handful complaints with hotels and trips, after some hours.




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